Nuuk trips

Scheduled services between Maniitsoq and Nuuk are arranged in the period 2nd of May - 14th of November 2017 with the following schedule:


Departure from own pontoon bridge in Maniitsoq08:00with expected arrival in Nuuk12:00
Departure from ”Tidevandstrappen”  in Nuuk12:30with expected arrival in Maniitsoq17:30


Departure from own pontoon bridge in Maniitsoq12:30with expected arrival in Nuuk16:30
Departure from ”Tidevandstrappen” in Nuuk17:00with expected arrival in Maniitsoq21:00

From Friday, 7th of September, 2018

Departure from own pontoon bridge in Maniitsoq11:30with expected arrival in Nuuk15:30
Departure from ”Tidevandstrappen” in Nuuk16:00with expected arrival in Maniitsoq20:00


Departure from own pontoon bridge in Maniitsoq11:00with expected arrival in Nuuk15:00
Departure from ”Tidevandstrappen” in Nuuk15:30with expected arrival in Maniitsoq19:30

A single ticket to Nuuk or Maniitsoq costs kr. 1.175, - and weekend costs kr. 2.350, - t / r. Ticket booking made on our website Otherwise, by attendance at our office at HHL in weekdays, Monday - Friday between the hours 10:00 to 14:00.