Trips to settlements

Settlement tours are arranged in cooperation with Disko Line A/S and to go on the settlement trips one must book and purchase tickets through Disko Line A/S, online booking on See the route navigation and conditions on their website or call Disko Line A/S ph. +299 94 53 00.

We sail to the south settlements Napasoq and Atammik every Tuesday from January 3rd to 19th of December, with the following schedule:

Departure from own pontoon bridge in Maniitsoq08:00with expected arrival Napasoq09:00
Departure from Napasoq09:05with expected arrival Atammik09:45


Departure from Atammik09:50with expected arrival Napasoq10:40
Departure from Napasoq10:45with expected arrival at Maniitsoq11:45
Departure from own pontoon bridge  in Maniitsoq08:00with expected arrival Kangaamiut09:20
Departure from Kangaamiut09:30with expected arrival at Maniitsoq10:50

The schedules for the year 2017 can be downloaded here.